Metal Building

Metal Building under the pressue of Hurricane Hugo
The Wind and the Star
What's the impact to a Metal Building
under the pressure of Hurricane Hugo?

Metal Building under the pressue of Hurricane Hugo

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Cirrus Construction, Inc. Offers Expertise in Metal Building Construction


Cirrus Construction proudly represents both Star® Building Systems and Butler® Manufacturing to bring you excellence in metal building construction.

Why invest in a metal building?

A metal building may be custom-designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.  It may also be designed to expand as your business grows.  Providing a column-free interior space, you have flexibility and control as to the interior design and layout of your building.

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Athens Pulmonary and Allergy
Butler Metal Building Systems
Metal buildings withstand harsh weather, pests and are low-maintenance.  Using only high-grade metal and premium components, we build your structure to last.

Recent damage by, what appear to be, more frequent instances of tornados and even hurricanes (which can cause major inland damage) than what we typically consider normal, has led property owners to explore options which depart from traditional construction.  Metal buildings can weather the storm and protect your investment.  The importance and intrinsic value of this type structure is really difficult to measure in strictly financial terms.  It is a physically, emotionally and financially astute business decision.  If you want a safe building, are concerned with saving money (and who isn’t in this or any economy?) and wish to encourage sustainability, a metal building is a smart investment.

You can count on consistent quality, an expedited construction schedule and costs that will stay within budget.

How is a metal building typically used?

The sky – or your imagination – is the limit – Offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, shopping centers, agricultural buildings and more.  Visit the Cirrus Construction Portfolio page on our Web site to see metal buildings we have constructed for use as churches, airplane hangars and manufacturing buildings.

Are metal buildings energy efficient?

An insulated metal building (using fiberglass or rigid board) can decrease heating and cooling expenses significantly.  Low profile roof options and the use of cool roof colors can also help reduce energy costs.

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Does a metal building harm the environment?

On the contrary, metal buildings are produced with materials that are 99% recyclable.  Along with Star and Butler, we at Cirrus Construction are dedicated to developing the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings available.  Let us help you reach your green building project objectives by providing ideas, education and solutions.

Are metal buildings a passing fad or here to stay?

Metal buildings have been around for decades and continue to gain popularity each year.  Offering flexibility, functionality, durability, affordable customization, carefree maintenance and more – Yes, we feel confident that metal buildings are here to stay.

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