Hangar Maintenance
Cirrus Construction just completed a building addition and a renovation to an existing facility for our company. Of all the companies asked to bid the project, Cirrus was the most thorough in understanding our needs and provided more recommendations/suggestions than the other firms before completing the bid.

Jim Spinder
General Manager/VP


"As the director of the Davidson County Airport, I would like to commend your company and staff for the excellent job in the construction of our new hangar. The professionalism you displayed was profound from the beginning to the final inspection. Although you were hampered by inclement weather, your projected finish date was still on target."

Everette Tate, Airport Director
Carolina Aero Service, LLC

T-Hangar Doors Need a Little TLC

T-Hangar MaintenanceA design-build contractor, Cirrus Construction, Inc. has impressive experience in designing and constructing T-hangars for protecting and storing aircrafts.  These structures must be sound, safe and secure enough to shelter a single private airplane or a fleet of commercial planes.  A significant part of the building investment is the door or doors installed.  They must keep out the elements and operate smoothly, safely – without a hitch – each and every time they’re used.  They should be respected and protected with regular maintenance to ensure years of trouble-free use.

No matter the T-hangar configuration – and regardless of the door style, including hi-fold, bi-fold, sliding, stacking and rolling – regular inspection and staying on top of parts and pieces in need of repair or replacement is imperative to extend the life of your investment.

Some of the more general maintenance issues are listed below.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you have a problem, have questions or would like for us to set an appointment to inspect your doors to look for these and any other concerns.

Bi-fold doors should be inspected and lubricated at 6-month intervals if the door is used on a regular basis – one or two times a week.  If used more often the manufacturer recommends inspections every three months.

  • Inspect unlocking cables to make sure they operate properly. Replace any damaged cables or clamps.
  • Lifting cables that have kinked or frayed – replace them.
  • At the bottom of the lifting cable there are tension springs. Replace them if damaged or broken.
  • Chains and sprockets may corrode, show excessive wear or break. Check them out thoroughly and replace them if necessary.
  • Test the operating switch. It should return to its original position once the handle is released. If not, it should be replaced. Please note that this task is best handled by a qualified maintenance person.
  • Make sure that all bolted connections on or near the motor platform are tight.
  • Inspect the cotter pins in hinge pins.
  • Lubricate all door hinges, cable sheaves and chains, along with the threaded rod in the limit switch box.
  • Check the upper and lower stop checks and safety overrun switches.
  • Test the drive belt tension and alignment.
  • Grease the door side rollers and the cable drum bearings.
  • Don’t overlook spider webs, trash or bugs in the tracks and workings. A nest of tiny critters can cause a big problem.

No matter how you fold, stack, slide or roll ‘em, careful maintenance is required to keep your doors working smoothly.  Some things are a little more involved than others and it all takes time.  If you can’t do it, don’t have time, or just don’t want to mess with it, please give us a call. Cirrus Construction, Inc. can help you with all maintenance issues.  We’ll set an appointment to come out to take care of the initial inspection, make you aware of any necessary repairs, and then handle those for you if you choose.

Please call Charlie Hall at 336-627-7700.

Whether you do it or you select us to do it, make sure your doors get a little regular TLC and they’ll operate properly for years to come.

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Everette Tate, Airport Director, Carolina Aero Service, LLC  
EPA Certified, STAR, Better Business Bureau, Butler
Danny J. Woods, Chief Engineer, Morehead Memorial Hospital  
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