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Centenary United Methodist Church.  Stoneville NC     Classroom Addition  Wood frame and Brick Veneer    Loving Pet Inn.  Design Build Kennel and Caretaker’s quarters.   Krebbs Corporation Madison NC Sealmaster Manufacturer.  2 story Office upfit inside existing building.

Manufacturer needed gantry crane and also needed to stay in operation as much as possible   SECU Oxford NC   Plastics Manufacturer.  Needed higher roof line for new larger press.  Cirrus designed and build a penthouse over existing roof and then removed roof and ceiling to allow for larger presses

Stay on top of building maintenance

Old or new, tried and true fix it now or be really blue.

No matter the age of your property, whether you occupy your own building, lease or rent it, ongoing maintenance is smart business.  Consider the safety and comfort of your employees or customers and/or ensure tenant satisfaction and retention.  Protect your property and extend its life by noticing wear and tear and addressing small problems before they become overwhelming issues or emergencies that mean time and money.  Preventative maintenance and routine repairs will reduce your operating expenses.   

Although it is certainly wise to practice continued maintenance throughout the year, early in the new year is a good time to take a careful look at your facility to make sure everything is in ship shape and ready for business.

If you’re short-staffed or feel a little daunted by the task at hand, please call Cirrus Construction.  We can help you with any repair or maintenance job. 

The following is a check list we’ve compiled to help you stay on top of maintenance issues:

Gutters, rain water leaders and downspouts

Make sure fastenings are secure and passageways are free of leaves, pine needles and other debris so that rain water and melting ice or snow can flow freely and away from buildings.


Inspect and repair roofing, flashing and fascia materials.

Parking lot

If your parking lot is graveled, look for signs of wear and aging.  Fix potholes, touch up grading if necessary and implement weed control measures.

Cracks, sinkholes and potholes in asphalt should be repaired quickly to avoid water seeping into the area and further deterioration of the substrate.

Asphalt may need re-striping occasionally.

Replace brick or concrete pavers and walkways that crack or become uneven.  If neglected, this is not only unsightly, but dangerous as well.

Storm drains

Inspect and clean if necessary

Water heater

Inspect, drain and descale when needed

Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, photocells (burglar alarms, automatic doors, etc.)

Inspect, test, clean, recharge and/or replace batteries when applicable

Lawn sprinklers

Test automatic sprinkler systems to make sure they’re working properly.  Replace heads and reset timers when necessary.

Windows and doors

Inspect and replace weather stripping when loose, worn or cracked.  Make sure hinges, closing mechanisms and locks are operating properly or replace them.

Overall fix-up

Make a general survey of your property.  Clean mold and mildew off of siding, soffits, steps and walkways.  Look for boards that may need replacing on decks or when used as landscaping timbers.

Exterior signage may need replacing or repainting, depending upon the material.

Replace light bulbs in exterior lighting (landscaping, security lights, entranceways, etc.) if necessary.

Aesthetics are important, so look at your property like your customers and prospects might.  The first impression is the one that counts.

Good luck with your to-do list.  Remember, Cirrus Construction can help with any maintenance and repair projects.  We’re here to help!

Contact Charlie Hall at 336-627-7700.

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