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Post-Frame Construction Not Just About Barns Anymore

Cirrus Construction, Inc. has added post-frame construction to its many services and construction options.

Although post-frame construction is not a new concept, it remains a structurally sound method of building and is cost-effective to boot. During the 1930s when the farming industry began to move from manual production to a machinery-operated business, farmers had to have somewhere to store their new equipment. Pole building was used to construct barns for shelter and storage.

Due to today's wide variety of uses for this particular type of construction, yesterday's label of pole building has evolved into a more appropriate and multi-purpose term called post-frame building or post-frame construction.

The building premise remains virtually the same and starts by planting posts in the ground which are supported with concrete footings. Plastic footing forms are used to prevent corrosion from moisture or insects. These embedded, well-anchored posts increase strength and stability, and maximize the amount of pressure the structure can endure. The construction is extremely resistant to damage from wind and elements.

Posts are the core support for the walls, roof, rafters and floor. A girt system is used (your contractor can recommend which specific system is best in your case). Girts wrap the building in horizontal bands from top to bottom and post to post. Walls are attached to the girts. The roof attaches to the top girts. The flooring can be added initially or later, if using a dirt floor will suffice in the interim or longer. Insulation and siding may be added if desired.

Why talk to Cirrus Construction about post-frame construction?

In addition to the previously mentioned stability, there is minimal excavation and site work involved.

Post-frame structures work well on sloped terrain or where traditional concrete foundation is tricky.

No matter the size or purpose of the storage area you want, a post-frame building is a viable option. No longer just for equipment and livestock, post-frame construction is used for airplane hangars, churches, storage facilities, retail shops, office buildings, warehouses, schools, community buildings, fire stations, workshops and more.

An environmentally conscious contractor, we recommend post-frame construction when the project is appropriate because these buildings are easily insulated to increase energy-efficiency. Repurposed materials are available and will not compromise the quality or stability of the structure. Since site disturbance is minimally invasive, there is little effect to area ecosystems. From the first talk with you to the completed structure, the construction process is efficient and expedites your project.

In addition to using recyclable materials, we can suggest a variety of building materials and cost-saving options.

Cirrus Construction, Inc. is a member of the NFBA (National Frame Builders Association).

The organization's purpose is to represent post-frame industry professionals. We have access to their resources, research and support which makes us even more qualified to help you with your post-frame construction.

Please contact Charlie Hall or C. Scott Flanagan at 336-627-7700. We'll take care of you. To see samples of our work and hear what customers have to say about us.

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